Worship and Relationship – Lessons from Pets

Today most of my day was spent doing laundry, cleaning, and generally being domestic.  It was one of those rare days when my phone did not start ringing and beeping regularly until around 2 PM.  Such days of uninterrupted time and space, where nothing can distract me causes me to drill even further down into my thinking and spirit to see what lessons God is teaching me on a personal level.

It was strange in the quietness of that time, with Flea and Baby with me, to see Worship and my relationship with God in a different way.  Oh, to be sure I gain new insights each day, but this one had some interesting parallels from which for me to draw.  You see, I had sought to understand what God wanted to from me, and how he wanted to relate with me in a new way: something that was not the same old imagery that I have held for so long, something that communicated not just knowledge, but also great depth of feeling.  In those precious moments God directed me toward the two who were on the day’s adventures with me:  Flea and Baby.

You see God asked me to watch them and see their interactions in ways that shed light on what he wanted me to learn about how to relate to him.  He guided me to the fact that they are always happy to see me.  They jump, run, play and show affection toward me in so many ways.  God was asking me to not hold back, but rather to embrace the moment completely and not be shy about it.  That he wanted me to be as excited to see and be with him as they were to be with me.  That he wanted me to be a quick and focused on trying to please him, as they.  That he wanted me to be as open and trusting as they are in knowing that I want their best always.  To be always as excited to “see” him even if I never got that treat I was begging for or that “Bye-Bye” trip that I wanted.  To understand that hope is always standing at the door EXPECTING to leave to go driving, but being joyful upon our return even if they do not get to go riding.

God also wanted me to know that He was Flea and Baby in that he was always waiting for me when I wandered off.  He was sitting at the door, looking for my return and expecting it at any moment. He was Flea protecting me from a licking attack from a neighbor’s dog or Baby sounding the alarm from her lookout post in my arms.  He was excited to see me and know I had returned and that he would shower me with love, though probably not puppy kisses, when I made it home.  He reminded me that I was not loved because of my policies, but because I was part of the family  -  that nothing else mattered but the relationship because that would define the behavior as we went forward.

He also reminded me that he speaks to me each time Bailey comes and shakes her tail at me to get my attention and spend time with me.  That also sometimes that he just walks by to see and be seen so that we know we are not alone.  To love by just being and caring rather than running around all excited.  To focus on what was important as she would come to find me at bed time if I had not already gone to bed to get me to go to bed  -  and would not take no for an answer.  Sometimes, puppies are too much and kitties are just the right speed for a slow peaceful day of thinking and meditating.

I was also caused to think about Alex and her last day alive.  She had been having trouble for some months now and she had to be cleaned up after a lot.  God reminded me that though Alex could not help her messes, I could often prevent mine before hand.  He reminded me that just as I had done on many occasions, he had stooped down into the floor to clean up a mess I had created that needed help.  He reminded me that he had taken me to the vet to get healed and that he had seen to it that I had what I needed.  It brought a tear to my eye as I also knew that Alex taught me much about caring for others and not worrying about other stuff.  From the Christmas Eve she caught her tail on fire by deciding a candle was a rubbing post to the times that she head butted me because something was needed.

This week may we Worship God and seek his face as these precious pets do for us.

Love you,

Pastor Greg


  1. Patrick.Molloy says:

    Having lived one half of my 53 years with two very loving dogs, I can attest to the ability of pets to inspire us and make us better people. As many studies have proven, pets have a calming effect on people. Their unconditional love is something we often never get from people. When I was struggling with my faith and found it difficult to talk to God, I knew by talking to Maxx or Shasta that my life was indeed worth living and I not only had purpose in caring for them, but recognized through them the spirituality I felt. I still have the “Mother Goose and Grimm” cartoon where Grimmy proudly proclaims that dog is GOD spelled backwards.